Ce carte sunt

De la Rontziki am aflat!

Si textul care corespunde cartii mele (sadly, it’s all true):

You’re The Bell Jar!
by Sylvia Plath
Though you may do a good job of fooling others around you for a while, you are truly not okay. Which is not to say that you’re incapable of great things or holding it together for a while, but ultimately you feel crushed beneath the weight of expectations and the idiots around you. Some people try to help you along your way, but it’s those who don’t try that do the most good. Electro-convulsive therapy may seem like the answer, but it’ll probably just get you killed.

(Draga Rontziki, la primul dintre testele de la tine nu mi-a placut ce mi-a iesit, asa ca am renuntat sa postez aici. I’m a cheater, I know)

E incredibil cat de bine se potriveste descrierea de mai sus cu eu cea contemporana. Anyway, mi se face pofta sa citesc a treia oara Clopotul de sticla.

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